We have ambitious objectives, yet we know that major projects are rarely realised without teamwork. More can be accomplished through joint effort!
These are our closest partners with whom we have worked successfully for many years. This is our way to give thanks for this excellent cooperation!


WORTMANN AGWORTMANN AG, with approx. 7,000 resellers, 400 employees and a turnover of approx. 370 million euros in 2009, ranks among the most prominent independent German companies in the IT sector. As an IT company, WORTMANN AG can look back on a distinguished past with 20 years of uninterrupted success. Wortmann Terra Impex Computer- und Datenverarbeitungs GmbH, founded by Business graduate Siegbert Wortmann, his wife Gabriele and Mr. Thomas Knicker in 1986, merged into WORTMANN AG in 1998. Key to the company’s strategy is its clear focus on indirect sales.

WORTMANN AG sees itself not only as a manufacturer and distributor, but as a service provider and partner, too. The products and services provided by WORTMANN AG cater especially for the requirements of small, medium and large companies as well as public bodies and educational institutions.

The own-brand strategy
The own brand of WORTMANN AG is at the core of its product and service range.

Numerous supplementary services are available relating to TERRA computer systems (notebooks, PCs, servers and thin clients) and TERRA LCDs. As requirements can vary, WORTMANN AG’s range has a modular structure. In this way, custom-fit solutions can be created individually via BTO (build-to-order) and STO (service-to-order).

Indirect sales
WORTMANN AG sells its products and services through qualified specialist retailers and systems houses exclusively. WORTMANN AG can thus ensure above-average consultation and service quality for a great variety of sectors, achieve high market penetration and adjust its range of services quickly and flexibly to meet market needs. The delivery of on-site services by our specialist retailers and systems houses highlights the partnership with trade.

Employees are the capital of the company. Each of our employees contributes to the overall success. WORTMANN AG therefore places great importance on employee support and training, giving them as much freedom as possible to develop entrepreneurial thinking on an overall basis. A flat hierarchy and personal responsibility help our employees to achieve optimum performance. The fact that our workforce has remained stable over the years shows that these efforts have paid off.

Your contact at WORTMANN AG for Securepoint is the server team.
For more information about WORTMANN AG, visit: http://www.wortmann.de

KOMSA Kommunikation Sachsen AG

KOMSA AGKOMSA is one of the leading service providers for information and communications technology (ICT). Since its founding, the company has evolved from a distributor in its early years into one of the leading all-in-one service providers in the ICT sector. Along the entire value chain, KOMSA handles and shapes all business processes for its customers from trade and industry. The services provided stretch from sales and logistics, through product refinement, repairs and marketing, right up to complete solutions across networks and services in the area of digital communication technology.

With this extensive range of services, KOMSA supports companies on their way towards digitalisation, unravels trends and opportunities for new business segments, and helps its customers to supply the right products at the right time in the right place. KOMSA is an independent partner of all the major manufacturers and network operators in the industry. It sees itself as a link between the production industry, trade, and private and commercial end users.

For more information about KOMSA AG, visit: http://www.komsa.com

bluechip Computer AG

With over 20 years of successful market presence, bluechip Computer AG is one of the leading German IT companies. The fiscal year 2013/2014 saw an average of 290 employees in 25,000 square metres of production and logistics buildings generate revenues in excess of 160 million euros.

As a partner of specialist retailers, systems houses and other resellers, bluechip operates as a manufacturer, distributor and service provider.

Under the home brand of “bluechip”, the company based in the Central Germany develops, builds and distributes custom-designed servers, work stations, desktop PCs and notebooks as well as special solutions for the medical, industrial and education sectors to meet individual customer requirements. As an IT distributor, bluechip offers a wide range of peripherals, network accessories, PC components and software.

Hardware-oriented development services, logistics services and other services such as warehousing, OEM equipment development or product refinement complete the portfolio.

We know how. Benefit from our know-how, based on long-standing partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies. We offer the latest hardware and software, our own product lines - optimised e.g. for office, server, medicine, mobile or industry implementation - as well as IT solutions tailored to your requirements. Our development laboratory has the most modern equipment for EMC and sound level measurements, among other things.

We live individuality. Count on us, your permanent point of contact in sales and service, for a personal and professional atmosphere. We meet your requirements with suitable IT products and solutions. Extensive services for your company complete our range. Use personal contacts and exclusive expert information from training courses, from our in-house exhibitions, from partner events and roadshows for your business.

We deliver quality. Experience the reliability of bluechip systems for yourself: produced from select brand-name components in the production process certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001. Extensive, documented load tests prevent early failures. Our own manufacturer hotline is at your disposal for technical support. Extensible warranty and on-site service offerings underscore the durability of our products.

We are efficient. Bank on bluechip, one of the largest German IT manufacturers and a multiple award-winning distributor. High-quality and swift production: up to 10,000 systems per month in the BTO process, individual special products and series. Our specialist retailer web shop combines all relevant information under one single interface. Customer service is made easy through direct access to drivers and test reports.

For more information about bluechip, visit: http://www.bluechip.de


Medical-IT-ServicesMedical-IT-Services is a nationwide provider of KV-SafeNet, certified by the associations of national health doctors. It offers doctors and practices a security package for KV-SafeNet, D2D communication and at the same time secure Internet access with protection against spam, viruses, hackers and other threats. Simple remote access to the practice when at home or on the road is also provided. In addition, the certified KV-SafeNet provider, Medical-IT-Services, also offers the Securepoint product portfolio in the health sector.

The great strength of Medical-IT-Services lies in its nationwide supply and service, KV-SafeNet certification, superb hardware and logistics support from WORTMANN AG and the free of charge technical support provided by Securepoint at any time. WORTMANN AG and Securepoint ensure nationwide warranty, quick hardware exchange and superb technical support on the part of our retail partners and their customers.

For more information about Medical-IT-Services, visit: http://www.medical-it-services.de

comTeam - the systems house network

comTeamcomTeam is the IT and TC systems house network of ElectronicPartner, the leading European partnership group for independent retail and systems house companies.

The strong ElectronicPartner community of mid-size retail and systems house companies with their European communication partners has grown steadily across Europe. Over 6,000 companies with external sales topping 5.7 billion euros now belong to Europe’s leading partnership group.

The Information & Communication (I&C) division of ElectronicPartner today looks after approximately 800 members in the area of information technology and telecommunications, 250 of which are comTeam branded systems houses.

Understand. Plan. Implement.
That is the principle of the comTeam systems house network. In accordance with this basic principle, the 800 members support their customers in the integration of solutions from the IT and TC areas: Starting with consultation and planning on network and communication platforms, delivery of hardware and software, right through to ready-made solutions for information and communications technology. Customers include small and medium-sized companies, large corporations, companies from the public sector, institutions and industrial companies.

Systems houses that belong to the comTeam network benefit from numerous services. These include, among other things, a centrally designed marketing strategy, a nationwide project and service network, free of charge legal advice, central regulation with extended payment terms and higher credit limits for over 100 leading suppliers. They can also benefit from the chance to offer the latest market-relevant solutions.

For more information about comTeam, visit: http://www.comteam.de

exceet Secure Solutions AG

exceetexceet Secure Solutions, a 100% subsidiary of the internationally operating exceet Group AG, develops and offers solutions in the business areas of M2M (machine-to-machine), IT security and multi ID and access solutions (eMIS). The offering is supplemented by Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), PKI solutions and products and services for signatures and time stamps, incl. trust centre operation.

With a special focus on e-health and industry, exceet Secure Solutions creates solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, stability and above all else security. To this end, the company operates as a complete solution provider or empowers its customers to implement their own solutions.

For more information about exceet Secure Solutions AG, visit: http://www.exceet-secure-solutions.de

BCT Deutschland GmbH

BCT Deutschland GmbHHaving knowledge and information readily available at all times in your company and making full use of it – that is what the innovative cross-sector software solutions from BCT Deutschland stand for. With its component-based products, BCT offers companies of any size comprehensive Enterprise Information Management (EIM) to adjust existing business models to the digital switch or to redefine them completely. Work becomes more efficient, cooperation is made easier and costs are reduced permanently.

BCT was founded in the Netherlands in 1985; under the leadership of managing director, Eva Bischoff, the company has been represented in these parts since 2010 as BCT Deutschland in Aachen. BT employs approximately 200 people if you also include the branch in Belgium. Over 150,000 users from a myriad of international companies and organisations currently use their software products. BCT’s customers come from trade and industry, health care and the service and public sector. The sale and distribution of software solutions takes place in conjunction with system partners (EDP houses etc.).

Since 2014, BCT Deutschland has been enrolled in the Campus Cluster Smart Logistik at the RWTH Aachen University and has been actively involved in nationwide professional associations such as Bitkom and eco — Association of the Internet Industry.

For more information about BCT Deutschland GmbH, visit: http://www.bctsoftware.com


Server-EyeServer-Eye is the monitoring solution of Krämer IT-Solutions GmbH based in Eppelborn, Saarland - monitoring all essential processes of an IT infrastructure. Its implementation allows customers to run their entire IT infrastructure securely and smoothly. Server-Eye enables clear and detailed monitoring of any number of IT infrastructure components under one interface: Hardware, software, networks and communication devices. The sensors in use are usually more than just one single check; they monitor entire functional processes. Server-Eye calls this platform monitoring. Server-Eye monitors all systems and detects threats before they become a problem. Responsible IT personnel benefit from its ease of use and ultimately only pay for the sensor, instead of many individual checks. The solutions supports all of the current manufacturers and meets a very high security standard. It is developed and run one hundred percent in Germany and without foreign equity investments.

For more information about Server-Eye, visit: https://www.server-eye.de

ID Control BV

ID ControlID Control, located in The Hague, provides strong and easy authentication tokens and unified authentication management. The range of strong authentication tokens for secure online access is composed of HandyID, MessageID, KeystrokeID, the ID Control OTP Key and USB Token. HandyID is an OTP-generating application that runs on your mobile device; the ID Control OTP Key is an OTP-generating hardware token; the ID Control USB Token stores and generates digital signatures and OTPs; and KeystrokeID recognises users on the basis of their typing behaviour when logging in. At the same time, ID Control offers email encryption, decryption and authentication with MailID, which uses MessageIDs in the form of one-time passwords (OTP) via SMS to open emails containing attachments.

More information: http://www.idcontrol.com

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